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The Biography of Frank Paul Jones

The Biography of Frank Paul Jones

The National Network and Coalition of Highlands, INC aka NCNCHINC is a nonprofit corporation whose headquarters is located in Avon Park, FL. They are led by the Rev. Frank Paul Jones aka Frank Paul Gambino among other names, is the President and Chairman of the Board. The organization was established in October 2009.

Though a small organization it is unique in its character. Some people say they are an occult because Rev. Frank Paul Jones claims to be the Apostle Paul of the new millennium in the flesh. Reverend Jones who is an ordained minister is considered by many to be a hypocrite because he believes the bible was tampered with and is not holy at all. However he teaches that he received the Holy Spirit from God and his teachings are from a divine source and that he is a true minister of the true word of God.

Born in Queens New York on 4 March 1959 by Blond Eve Austin Jones, who was married to Frank Clark Jones, his said to be biological father, Frank Paul Jones was raised in a criminal environment. Early in infancy he caught the pneumonia as a baby and almost died. As a baby he claims that he remembered having a conversation with God. As an infant he asked God why you are punishing me and God spoke to him and said, “You were born to suffer in my Name.” He has three sisters Egeria, Lujuana, and Ella and a half brother.

He was raised in Mafia controlled territory in Long Island City, New York, in a popular housing complex known today as the Queensbridge Projects. He claims that by time he was about 5 years old he was put under hypnosis by the infamous John J. Gotti (Teflon Don), so that he could be put under mind control. As a result of these ideas he was diagnosed by the Federal Government as Bi Polar and is said to be Schizophrenic. After these sessions he was named Paul Castellano by the Gambino Crime Family so he says. He claims to be the real Paul Castellano.

As a child his father Frank Clark Jones was very abusive to his mother Blond, for reason’s he never understood. Though he was not abused he felt he was raised in an abusive home. He was a very smart child academically, however when he was 11 years old his mother had a disabling stroke that she never recovered from it and was pronounced dead when he was 16 years old. He blamed his father for her demise and could not find it in his heart to forgive him. He remembered when he was 11 years old and woke up for school and was told by his sister Lujuana his mother had a stroke, he realized it was not a dream and she was carried out of the apartment that night. He went to the mirror in the bathroom, banging his head against it cursing God saying, “I hate you God,” over and over. He was traumatized as a child.

He said on that day he may well have been cursed by Satan, because he hated God for taken the health away from his mother. As a result his interest changed and his grades went down in school. He eventually started congregating with the more sinful group of people and by time he was a teenager at about 14 years old he started to abuse drugs and alcohol. By time he was 15 years old he was drug dealer and the deterioration of his character continued.

His father realized he had a problem and would always tell him to search for the truth and that your worst enemy was yourself.

His father got fed up with his anti social behaviors and his evil ways. As Rev. Jones then Paul Castellano was going up against God and all of God’s people, he joined the Army at age 17 years old. He was involved in covert operations since the age 17 with the federal government again so he claims. It is a known fact he enlisted three times and his military record until now have been unobtainable to the Department Veterans Affairs in his claim for compensation that is over 20 years old. He claims the reason is National Security, whereby the VA simply could not obtain his records from the Department of Defense for 20 years and counting.

He served the United States Army 3 times between 1976 and 1987. In between his enlistments he never could function properly in society, engaging in criminal activities and never hold a job very long. By 1989 he reached his rock bottom and found God again. He had a spiritual awakening as a result of secret fellowship, however his troubles where just about to begin. After he came to his senses and accepted God’s greatness and mercy, he had what he called a revelation of self, code to society a nervous breakdown.

When he entered the hospital for help with personal problems, he could not remember the day before. All of his memory was blank. It was like he was just born and barely knew has own name. But it started to come back to him little at a time. He lived in a homeless shelter in Long Island City aka BAVR (Borden Avenue Veteran Residence) and one night he was told his father had a heart attack and he had to go to Florida. He realized his anger with his father was too long and to love himself he had to let go of the anger and hatred. He packed the little he owned and went to Florida to see about his Father. His father died about a week later and he moved into the family home.

He knew he would not stay long, but had to survive in a town of few opportunities. So he went back to school and got a full time job. All he did was studied, eat and slept but he was tranquil. Then the day of blessing or curse came upon him. He found out who he was in a vision as describe by him.

“I was watching a music video by a popular artist, I had a vision and saw my whole life pass by him and remembered everything that I did and happened in my life.” He realized he was Paul Castellano and Gambino Family made man and the successor of Carlo Gambino. When he revealed these visions to the world he was not received and was called crazy by everyone to include his own family. He was told that he was delusional. That is when he took on the name Frank Paul Gambino. He claimed he was the Son of Carlo Gambino and the successor of the Gambino Crime Family. Still his troubles where just beginning.

In 1991 he was arrested for threatening to kill President George H.W. Bush Sr. Somehow he got out of that one after a 16 days stay at Saint Elizabeth Hospital. But it did not stop there he was again arrested in California for threatening members of the Jackson Family and recently in an approximately 200 pages document in the investigation on Michael Jackson’s death, he was found to have been under investigation concerning the death of Michael Jackson by the FBI. The article was released by TMZ. Frank Paul Jones on TMZ web site:

For 20 years Frank Paul Jones was called insane by the masses and until this day to some degree he cannot shake off the past. Many people judge him by the false media.

He says he is no longer interested in the Jackson Family and found love with NaQuila, who he did production work on an album for. He currently lives in Florida and is trying to put the past behind him. His mission in life now is to do community work and try to help people. He feels this is a 180 degree turn for him as for most of his life he hated God only to realize he is a child of God. He feels like he is God’s prodigal Son. He will come in the name the Apostle Paul.

Visit www.NCNCHINC.

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