Thursday, June 23, 2011

How were you ordained by God to be his wife when you didn’t supposedly meet him until 2001? You making yourself look and sound very bad chick. Reginae was born Nov 28, 1998 that was 3 years before your dumb jealous ass came in the picture. You are a NON MUTHAFUCKIN FACTOR BITCH! Toya and Wayne were high school sweethearts. Yeah he married Toya in 2004 but he still new Toya before the new you because you claim you didn’t go to Louisiana until 2001. Just suck it up and face the fact that yo ass was a groupie whore and he picked the real woman over your insane crazy ass! And how the hell you gonna claim you a good Christian Woman when you’re on MySpace exposing your body. You on MySpace in yo bra with yo big ass titties hanging out looking like you ready to be titty fucked. Bitch get real!! And if you were so ordained by God why you didn’t have a son from him cause as I do recall he said he wanted a Son and God gave him 3. Where yours at? I hope Wayne sues yo dumb as for harassment and defamation of character for talking shit about his daughter. You on MySpace carrying on bout how people gonna die and get fucked up for screwing yo husband. Wayne belongs to the world silly hoe! And to top it off you got all them old as blurry pics posted on Youtube and MySpace all them pics from the 80′s and 90′s. You were old and worn out when you met him in 2001. He was 19 and you were 29 looking for a free meal ticket. He doesn’t even talk about Angela in none of his songs. If I do recall he said he had an older chick name Tammy when he was younger not Angela. And that’s one thing about him he will put your name in a song if he ever had dealings with you. Shout out one time to Toya and Reginae for doing the dam’n thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WHANNNNNNNNNNNNN!

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  1. Angela is the truth. she exposed Wayne, baby, toya & Wayne's momma. she got tapes to prove it. She never needed a damn thing from Wayne. Angela's whole family was famous before Wayne was ever born. you don't know what the fuck you're talking about. Toya is a fraud. Check out Angela's Facebook: