Thursday, June 23, 2011

“A Good Woman"

“A Good Woman"

By NaQuila L. Hardy

The phrase “A Good Woman,” is just a phrase until the fundamental dynamics of this concept is measured, understood, and followed by a few good women in society.

If you put the process to thought it’s all really a self- help process that doesn’t consist of much given effort. And to me the word effort means a conscious extortion of power or a force. So when it’s all said and done it is a women’s effort that makes her “A Good Woman,” Not what the human eye can see?

“A Good Woman,” has to be equipped and ready to carry herself with a self respecting attitude. A self respecting attitude allows the current surroundings to give respect back, the kind that “A Good Woman,” deserves and is honored by.

There are a few more key concepts that cover the aspects of “A Good Woman,” “A Good Woman,” has responsibilities and obligations. It is said to be her duty to honor a liable commitment on a responsibility that is made. And that’s why it’s important as “A Good Woman,” to posse’s morals. The pair can be used as a trade benefit effect as to how “A Good Woman,” carries herself.

“A Good Woman,” should remain quiet, steadfast, and loyal at all times. This is to be known as the Laws of “A Good Woman,” all of these laws will be honored by the called chosen few. It takes a big heart to accept all of these given services.

In closing “A Good Woman,” has to be strong, consistent, and patient because the adversarial issue will try to apply in a position it has no place and that’s in “A Good Woman,” life.

Just to name a few, who NaQuila L. Hardy considers to be “A Good Woman,” Angela Basset, Mary J. Blige, Felicia Rashaard, Ce Ce Peniston, Yuma Thurman, Shirley Caesar, Yolanda Adams, Gabriel Union, Cecile Tyson, Wendy Williams, Sandra Bullock, Michelle Obama, and the list goes on.

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